Monday, May 05, 2014

Benetton's New Store in Milan

United Colors of Benetton (Treviso, Italy) debuted its new “On Canvas” flagship store in Milan’s central Piazza Duomo this week, Sportswear International reported. The new concept, which is intended to function as a blank "canvas" for the company's completely redesigned collection, has already been applied to some other recently opened stores, including those in Florence and Nice, France, another one to open in Verona in a few days, and one planned for Moscow.
The new structure is designed to work as a lightweight, almost invisible backdrop on which new collections and different color and product families can be presented or launched as trends and market demands change, the website reported.
"Interactive shelves” placed throughout the store convey details about each collection and allow sales managers to reorder merchandise from the warehouse right from the sales floor. Customers can also use the shelves to order and pay for merchandise and choose whether they want it delivered to their home or the store. In addition, each product will feature a QR code, so customers can use their smartphones to find additional product information or purchase items.