Thursday, October 06, 2005

Using Acrylic for Point of Purchase Displays

Acrylics are one of the most used material for point of purchase displays due to it's very clean and "rich" look. From Sign Holders to Brochure Holders and everything in between, acrylic or plexiglass is the retail worlds favorite material.

Acrylic is by nature brittle, it's scratch resistance comes from the fact that it is the hardest of the plastics, but the price for that is it's lack of break resistance. In real high traffic areas most retail store use PETG, or polycarbonate materials in sign holders. For instance Target Store use mostly clear PETG sign holders and displays, with some acrylics used in display cases and such. This allow the store to have an "upscale" feel with the break resistance of the polycarbonate material.

Many display manufacturers try to use either too much acrylics or too little in their displays depending on what type of manufacturer they are. A primarily wood or melomine store fixture company will shy away from all acrylic displays mostly because their experience in the Retail arena is with high traffic areas where there is a lot of damage too displays. Sometimes this leads them to shy away from using more acrylics to accent the display and give it the little bit of "pop" that make it stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand there are acrylic manufacturers who primarily plastics and will not use acrylic and wood correctly. There are many clear acrylic poster stands and brochure stands which look great, but a clear acrylic base is not the answer for all retail areas. Bases take a lot of abuse and scratches from being stepped on, cleaned and other can really take their toll on the display and make it look poor after only a short time.

By realizing the strengths and weaknesses of all your display construction materials you can blend them into a functional, sturdy, wear resistant unit which is still great looking.

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