Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Order McDonalds or White Castle at Kiosks For Faster Fast Food!

McDonald’s Corp. (Oak Brook, Ill.) and White Castle (Columbus, Ohio) are both testing kiosks for custom ordering.
According to QSR magazine, White Castle added two touch-screen ordering kiosks at a renovated restaurant in Columbus, featuring large screens that allow customers to order their meals exactly as they want them.
“I don’t necessarily want to have 12 people around me when I am ordering,” said White Castle vp Jamie Richardson. “The kiosk system allows customers to tailor to their tastes – they can ask for more pickle or less onion, for example – in their own space.”
White Castle’s renovated Columbus store also features an open kitchen format and a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispenser.
QSR says McDonald’s is testing a similar system at a store in Laguna Niguel, Calif., where customers can order from iPads at every table.
Neither McDonald’s nor White Castle executives said whether kiosk and tablet ordering would be rolled out to additional stores.


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