Tuesday, May 28, 2013

JC Penny Saying Thank You to Customers

JCPenney (Plano, Texas) launched an ad campaign roughly two weeks ago that apologized to customers for straying too far from “its heritage.” Now, a new spot is thanking customers for returning to its stores, according to AdvertisingAge (adage.com). The aforementioned apology ad bluntly stated that the retailer’s turnaround efforts had failed, and was paired with a “#JCPListens” hashtag on its social media sites, encouraging customers to give honest feedback.
The newest ad shows depictions of mothers with their children with a voice-over that states, “We’re happy to say you’ve come back to us. Thank you,” AdvertisingAge reports. JCPenney’s new advertising agency, Y&R (New York), began posting the video to the web on Monday.

JC Penny


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