Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Polishing Acrylic

Polishing Acrylic is rather easy if you have the right technique.  There are 2 ways to polish acrylic, using a Buffing Wheel and using a Propane Torch.

When polishing acrylic with a buffing wheel, you should start by jointing the edge of the acrylic for a nice smooth finish.  If a jointed is not available use 400 grit sandpaper to accomplish this.  Then using a soft wheel gently polish the edges of the acrylic, do not use too much pressure or you will "burn" or "melt" the acrylic. +Acrylite Aron

The other method used to polish acrylic or plexiglass is to flame polish.  Again joint the edge of the acrylic or sand it with 400 grit sandpaper.  Then with a propane torch with the tip held about 1/2" away from the acrylic melt the acrylic moving quickly so you do not burn the acrylic and leave a bubbled edge.  This takes some technique to accomplish.

You can see more tech tips at working with acrylic


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