Sunday, March 03, 2013

Proper Storage of Acrylic Sheet Material

To protect acrylic sheet from dirt and moisture, skids and cases are shipped with polyethylene film overwrap. Make sure to leave this overwrap intact. Folding and re-taping the overwrap after it has been opened will minimize warpage which can result from moisture absorption.

Ideally, acrylic sheet should be stored almost vertically in special racks with plywood panels for full support where sheets can lean at about a 100 angle. If stored horizontally, sheets must be clean because the weight of the material can cause dirt or chips to pierce the protective masking, thereby scraping or indenting the sheet. When stacking various sizes horizontally, make sure to put the larger sheet on the bottom to avoid unsupported overhang.

Finally, keep acrylic sheet away from heat sources, such as radiators or steam pipes, which can deform or soften the sheet. Avoid placing acrylic sheet near spray painting booths or exposing it to solvent vapors which can penetrate the masking and damage the sheet2s surface.
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