Monday, March 18, 2013

Custom Display

There are a few items to think about when designing a custom display to suit your needs.

1. Is there a similar stock product you can work off of, this makes it easier for the manufacturer to come up with a competitive and quick price when you use an existing stock display as the starting point.

2. The quantity of displays you will need produced.

3. If the unit is completely custom a simple hand sketch with dimensions will help the process a lot.  It doesn't have to be drawn by an artist, just a simple sketch.  Like they say "pictures say a 1000 words".

4. Size of the area the display will be put in, type of environment, there is a difference between a display you would use in a doctor's office compared to a display for a high traffic store like +Walmart

5. Estimated target budget per display. Have a realistic budget and design, a good display manufacturer can help put you in the display at the budget if you share a range with them.

These simple ideas will help you with your custom display projects.  See more of our custom displays at pop2go


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