Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IL2 Series Reference key card

Below is a key card for IL2, Pacific Fighters, Forgotten Battles, IL21946 cut and paste into Microsoft Word and print it out.

This is a hard Reference Key to find in a printable format.




Down Arrow Key                   elevator up (nose up)

Up Arrow Key                        elevator down (nose down)

Left Arrow Key                      aileron left (roll left)

Right Arrow Key                    aileron right (roll right)

Z Key                                      rudder left full (yaw left)

X Key                                     rudder right full (yaw right)

, Key                                       rudder left

/ Key                                       rudder neutral

. Key                                       rudder right

Ctrl + Down Arrow Key        elevator trim positive

Shift + Up Arrow Key            elevator trim neutral

Shift + Down Arrow Key       elevator trim neutral

Ctrl + Up Arrow Key             elevator trim negative

Ctrl + Left Arrow Key           aileron trim left

Shift + Right Arrow Key        aileron trim neutral

Shift + Left Arrow Key          aileron trim neutral

Ctrl + Right Arrow Key         aileron trim right

Ctrl + Z Key                           rudder trim left

Shift + Z Key                          rudder trim neutral

Shift + X Key                         rudder trim neutral

Ctrl + X Key                           rudder trim right

I Key                                       toggle engine

 Key =                                                 increase engine power

- Key                                       decrease engine power

Num Pad + Key                      increase engine power

Num Pad - Key                       decrease engine power

W Key                                     boost (WEP) on/off

1 Key                                                  Power 0

2 Key                                                  Power 20

3 Key                                                  Power 30

4 Key                                                  Power 40

5 Key                                                  Power 50

6 Key                                                  Power 60

7 Key                                                  Power 70

8 Key                                                  Power 80

9 Key                                                  Power 90

0 Key                                                  Power 100

Shift + 1 Key                                      prop. pitch 0

Shift + 2 Key                                      prop. pitch 3

Shift + 3 Key                                      prop. pitch 6

Shift + 4 Key                                      prop. pitch 9

Shift + 0 Key                                      prop. pitch Auto

F Key                                                  flaps up

V Key                                     flaps down

G Key                         gear up/down

R Key                          cowl or armor flaps

B Key                          wheel brakes

Ctrl + T Key                jettison droptanks

Joystick Button 1        Weapon 1

Return Key                 Weapon 1

Joystick Button 2        Weapon 2

Backspace Key           Weapon 2

Joystick Button 3        Weapon 3

Space Bar                    Weapon 3

Joystick Button 4        Weapon 4

Alt + Space Bar          Weapon 4



Left Mouse Button Click        fire

Mouse Movement                   turret aiming control



C Key                          pilot or gunner position

Mouse Movement       rotate view

Left Mouse Button (Hold) + Mouse Up        zoom in (external)

Left Mouse Button (Hold) + Mouse Down  zoom out (external)

Page Down Key          wide view

End Key                      normal view

Delete Key                  gunsight view

F1 Key                        cockpit view

Ctrl + F1 Key              no cockpit view

F2 Key                        external view

Shift + F2 Key            next friendly view

Ctrl + F2 Key              next enemy view

F3 Key                        fly-by view

F4 Key                        padlock enemy

Shift + F4 Key            padlock friendly

F5 Key                        padlock enemy ground

Shift + F5 Key            padlock friendly ground

U Key                         padlock next

Y Key                         padlock previous

Num Pad Insert Key  instant view forward with padlock

F6 Key                        external padlock, enemy air

Shift + F6 Key            external padlock, friendly air

Alt + F6 Key               external padlock, closest enemy air

F7 Key                        external padlock, enemy ground

Shift + F7 Key            external padlock, friendly ground

Alt + F7 Key               external padlock, closest enemy ground

F8 Key                        chase view

Shift + F8 Key            next friendly chase view

Ctrl + F8 Key              next enemy chase view



F9 Key                        toggle snap/pan view

Num Pad 8                  Key  look forward

Num Pad 7                  Key  look front left

Num Pad 9                  Key  look front right

Num Pad 1                  Key  look back left

Num Pad 3                  Key  look back right

Num Pad 5                  Key  look up

Num Pad 2                  Key  look down

Num Pad 4                  Key  look left

Num Pad 6                  Key  look right



Num Pad 5 Key          center view

Num Pad 8 Key          pan view up

Num Pad 2 Key          pan view down

Num Pad 4 Key          pan view left

Num Pad 6 Key          pan view right

Num Pad 7 Key          pan view up left

Num Pad 9 Key          pan view up right

Num Pad 1 Key          pan view down left

Num Pad 3 Key          pan view down right



Tab Key                      toggle comms



A Key                         toggle autopilot

Ctrl + E Key               bail out

Shift + F1 Key            toggle gunsight

Ctrl + D Key               toggle reticle dimmer (german planes)

Ctrl + L Key               cockpit lights

T Key                          toggle wingtip smoke

M Key                         toggle map

` Key                           chat



] Key                           accelerate time x2/x4/x8

' Key                            normal time

[ Key                           decelerate time x2/x4

P Key                                      pause game

Home Depot on Top

Home Depot Inc. (Atlanta) posted third-quarter profit that topped analysts’ estimates, attributed to rising home prices that have spurred homeowners to splurge on renovations.

The retailer’s net income rose 43 percent in the three months ended Nov. 3, 2013, the number of transactions increased 4 percent and the average purchase climbed 3.2 percent to $56.27 .
Revenues climbed 7.4 percent in the quarter and U.S. same-store sales rose 8.2 percent.

Bloomberg News reports that the 18-month gain in the U.S. housing market is giving consumers the confidence they need to remodel kitchens and bathrooms.

Prices for single-family homes climbed in 88 percent of U.S. metropolitan markets in the third quarter as buyers competed for limited inventories, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors earlier this month.

The nationwide median price for an existing single-family home rose 12.5 percent in the third quarter, to $207,300.

Progressive Displays Inc is a supplier of Point Of Purchase Displays to Home Depot.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gluing Plastic Model kits

As the holidays are upon us one staple toy for a boy is Plastic Model kits.  These models of cars, ships and airplanes come in a variety of sizes and are all glued together with model glue.

So what are models and how are they made.  Models start in an injection molding machine, which molds the models in styrene plastic.  This plastic can be colored to any color the manufacturer wants and usually is a neutral color to make it easier to paint the model. 

First Step is to snap the model parts off the grids that are molded with the parts to hold the model together.  Once that is done they can be glued.  Model Glue is very strong and actually forms a "chemical welding" of the parts by melting them together.  This process takes about 1 to 2 hours to set up.  Clamps, masking tape and other methods can be used to hold the parts together while the glue sets up.

Once dry the model is ready to be painted and finished.

These same techniques are used in the construction of display products.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving is for Family not Shopping says BJ's and Costco

Costco Wholesale Corp. (Issaquah, Wash.) has said it will not be one of the retailers rushing the season this year by opening on Thanksgiving Day.

"Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season, and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families," said Paul Latham, vp for membership and marketing. "Nothing more complicated than that."

Costco’s not the only one. “Maybe call me old-fashioned, but I feel that it’s an easy decision to make [to stay closed on Thanksgiving],” said Laura Sen, ceo of BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. (Westborough, Mass.). She also told the Huffington Post that the company tried out a Thanksgiving Day opening in 2006, and shoppers just didn’t respond.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tennis Displays

Increasing the value of transactions is one way to actually grow your specialty tennis retail business, and point-of-purchase displays can attract shoppers’ attention to merchandise. POP displays also serve as focal points for you and your sales associates to suggest add-on’s to an initial sale and to assist in up-selling from good to better, or better to best.
Every POP display in your store should have a specific purpose to improve the sales of the merchandise displayed and to support staff suggestions for add-on’s and up-selling. Planning and organization of your POP displays is therefore very important, and even more so if your store is small and every square inch of space is used.
First, organize around logical departments such as Men’s, Women’s, Youth and 10 & Under. Within departments, organize in categories, and consider organizing by “good,” “better,” “best.”
Features, and of course price, determine what merchandise fits into each category. If you have the space, you can further organize categories by brand and suggested or advertised prices in each level. If you don’t have the space, mix brands in Good, Better, Best. The key, though, is making it easy and simple to buy from you…and for your part-time and or full-time sales associates to sell for you, including suggesting logical up-selling.
Signs on POP Displays Sell!
Another way to grow your specialty retail business is to increase the number of transactions. Well-planned and organized displays, with good signage, enhance the retail shopping experience in your store and engage shoppers to buy more…and to come back more often and even visit your website more frequently.
Shoppers need to understand where they are and be comfortable with the journey through your store—even if you have a relatively small shop. Being able to navigate your departments and your good, better, best POP displays through effective signage is important to the total shopping experience, and you should use both navigational signs to direct shoppers and informational signs on displays and merchandise to educate and inform consumers about the step-up features and value of the merchandise they will find.
Research shows that the amount of time a shopper spends in a store actually shopping is perhaps the single most important factor in determining how much he or she will buy. Your point-of-purchase displays play a huge role in providing a pleasing and enjoyable experience and are all about keeping shoppers engaged and in your store as long as possible.
(Note: The “research” we refer to here is from Paco Underhill and his book “Why We Buy,” which we strongly recommend to every tennis retailer.)
The brands you stock and the manufacturer sales reps that call on you will have POP displays at no-charge or at special prices to help feature their merchandise in your store. You already know that your square footage is premium retail space, so only take and deploy POP from your brands if it (1) fits your overall store merchandising plan, and (2) will meet your objectives for growing your retail business.
Creating your own POP displays is a good way to keep the cost of displays affordable. Also, rotate your POP displays, so your customers and shoppers experience something new and different each time they visit. You may be able to find good, used store fixtures and displays including tables for clothing, mannequins, sign holders, decorations and even lighting at second-hand and used furniture stores, or online. When it is time to freshen up, sell your old displays and invest the money in fresh-used POP.
If your best customer visits your store every two weeks, you should try to change up your displays every two weeks. Research shows that after one or two visits, even your best customers won’t “see” your displays or the merchandise featured anymore. This is basic human hardwiring, and you can’t change it, but you can change your displays to present something new and interesting every time your best customers visit. And that will increase your store’s average transaction value and the number of transactions you have with your customers.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Annual PAVE Fundraising Event.

New York
17th Annual fundraising event to benefit PAVE educational programs will feature networking, cocktails, live music, an awards ceremony and dinner. Visit www.paveinfo.org for ticket information.


55 Wall Street
10005 New York, NY
United States
40° 42' 21.7656" N, 74° 0' 32.5476" W

Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Friday on Thanksgiving

JCPenney Co. Inc. (Plano, Texas) has announced it will open its doors on Thanksgiving evening to try getting an early jump on the holiday shopping season. Most of the chain’s 1100 stores will open at 8 p.m. that Thursday and will be open for 25 straight hours.

Last year, Penney didn’t open until 6 a.m. on Friday, among the later kickoffs to the season.
“Obviously, we were one of the last to open (last year),” Tony Bartlett, Penney’s executive vp of stores, told Associated Press, but this year “we’re all in.” The retailer will also give away nearly 2 million holiday snow globes starting at 4 a.m. on Friday, a tradition the retailer discontinued last year.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Kids Playing at Toys "R" Us

Toys “R” Us Inc. (Wayne, N.J.) has named Antonio Urcelay as ceo and has brought in Hank Mullany, a former executive at Walmart Stores Inc. (Bentonville, Ark.) as president. Urcelay, a 17-year company veteran, was president of Toys “R” Us Europe before being named interim ceo in March.

Mullany headed Walmart’s Northern U.S. operations, responsible for a $90 billion business that included 1300 stores and 28 distribution centers in 19 states that generated $90 billion in revenue. In 2010, Walmart blocked him from heading the pharmacy unit of CVS Caremark Corp. (Woonsocket, R.I.), citing a non-compete clause in his contract. Instead, he became ceo of ServiceMaster (Memphis), a commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance company.

At Toys “R” Us, Mullany will oversee all merchandising, marketing, e-commerce and store operations for the 878 stores in the U.S. Urcelay will focus on global markets.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Solar Energy Leading Retailers

Walmart has been called “America’s solar leader” in the annual Solar Means Business Report, which identifies major commercial solar projects and ranks America's top corporate solar users.
The report found that Walmart is America's commercial solar leader for the second year in a row with 89 megawatts (MW) installed at 215 locations.
Other companies on the Top 25 list include such big-box retailers as Costco, Kohl's, Apple, Ikea, Macy's, Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, Target, Safeway and Toys "R" Us.
Walmart recently announced that it would ramp up construction of new clean energy projects nationwide, including an expanded use of solar. The company's decision to increase its clean energy projects by six-fold puts Walmart on a clear path to become 100 percent supplied by renewable energy by 2020.

Green Displays are available at solar displays

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Banana Republic's Creative Director is Leaving

Simon Kneen will exit the Gap division at the end of the year

Gap Inc. (San Francisco) has announced that Simon Kneen, executive vp of design and creative director of its Banana Republic division, will leave the company at the end of the year after six years with the company.
Julie Rosen, a 19-year Gap veteran, will continue in her role as evp of Banana Republic North America, in charge of merchandising and inventory management while Gap searches for a new creative director.
The fall collection was the first and last result of the partnership between Kneen and Narciso Rodriguez, recruited last year to help with the line. Rodriguez’s contract has expired.

POP2GO is a leading worldwide Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer.